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Storyteller and Musician, a magical combination.

I'm Richard York, traditional storyteller and multi-instrumental musician, and I present two of the oldest listening art forms in the world, for schools, museums, heritage sites, and events.

I'm also a qualified and experienced teacher (B.Ed Hons) with over twenty years of freelance success in leading education workshops.

My stories and music are for children, adults, families and anyone who cares to listen. The stories are from oral traditions and many cultures, the music mixes traditional, historical, and some of my own. In schools I cover an ever-growing range of themes, including stories to fit historical period themes.

"Richard York, master storyteller and musician..." - The Times Newspaper.

"totally captivating for all ages ... unhesitatingly recommend" - National Trust.

"How one could possibly fail to be enthralled I do not know....utterly infectious!" Applecroft School, Welwyn Garden City

Child: "I wish we could have a literacy lesson like this every day!"

Teacher: " I have never known that class to pay such complete attention to anything for so long, ever."

"...incredibly professional...a joy to work with" - Fargo Fused Festival, Coventry

To find out more, please visit the pages on this site, then Contact me.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Richard to anyone who is looking for an exceptional storyteller and musician." Guernsey Museums


Image of Richard at Canons Ashby National Trust property, Northamptonshire My work telling traditional stories in schools and museums is mainly in the counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Oxford, Leicester, South Lincs, Rutland, Warwick, and Herts. I sometimes travel further afield too - witness the feedback from Castle Cornet, Guernsey above, with my 3rd visit booked for Aug 2016!

While most of my work is in schools, I love performing for other audiences too. Please see the Events page for more details and new links.

Thanks to Suzanne McNicholas for the image taken at Canons Ashby





Short stories, Long stories, Silly stories, Wise stories, Stories about heroes, villains, lovers, clever fools, foolish fools, magic, and myth, truths, and lies



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