Storytelling and the National Curriculum

Lines from Mr Gove's Curriculum

Whatever else we thought of that that document, it did at least provide a host of reasons in the Language curriculum for both listening to and participating in storytelling. Below are just some - if I listed them all I'd fill this page right down even further!

Medieval image of Rabbit with Axe
Spoken English
Demon King illustration. This picture's presence here is strictly unrelated to the subject of the page. ...and a whole lot more, but I hope this is enough to go on with!

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My work telling traditional stories and playing music for schools and museums is mainly in the counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Oxford, Leicester, South Lincs, Rutland, Warwick, and Herts.

While most of my work is in schools, I love performing for other audiences too. I travel further afield too. It's always worth asking!

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